The scene left me empty and passionless  Comparisons and competition behind every door  Venomous thoughts leaking into the cortex  Words you’ve tried to conceal  Packed into a mold and expected to fit with only slight differences from the next Similarity and shock value taken at face So much plastic and glitter used to mask those... Continue Reading →

I crave conversation long, drawn out thoughts that climb out from deep within Words hardly spoken Things you thought no one cared to hear I want to hear them Speak with intention Loud and clear Have comfort to use your voice While we discuss similarities and differences In ourselves In our surroundings Let’s talk about... Continue Reading →

The Slip

I've fallen off Off and down Don't think I care to climb back up See I'm crawling Among the brush and ivy Feeling the green against my freckled skin Observing and absorbing Feeling everything all at once On the surface and within Spending time with the mice and beetles Foraging my way Paving something new... Continue Reading →

Get to know me!

Hello to any - if any - and all who are reading this! I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Eryn Mackenzie. I'll be using this as a place to post my thoughts, poems, recipes, and to bring you along with me on my journey with spirituality and life. I'm from Northern California so,... Continue Reading →

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