I’ve been collecting crystals that remind me of your ways All the while trying to force the image from my brain Raw and unpolished Unforgiving with your gaze The way your smile lifts when I say something a bit strange But you’re so lovely I can’t stop my thoughts They start to drift and up... Continue Reading →


You You You matter You’re valid Every feeling every thought Every fucking mood swing Valid Stop burying yourself You are worth every ounce of energy spent trying to befriend yourself To relearn yourself To shake the falling pieces and reveal what’s underneath You’re not perfect for perfection is a perception A dangerous one at that... Continue Reading →

Wishful thinking leads to false hope Constantly yearning for something that you just can’t quite speak into existence The process of building up and falling Returning Leaving behind Shedding skin is not just for reptiles Sometimes it’s the next door you have to open Leap, jump, crawl through it A constant reminder to self Positive... Continue Reading →


The breeze this morning is carrying with her is palpable The way the air licks my skin in moments fleeting Allowing me a glimpse of the season to come Scents of summer surround me; twirling my hair and lifting the fabric from my body What a gift it is to stop and inhale your surroundings

Inner demons

This was written a few years ago towards the end of a long relationship. I had slipped back into anorexia and self harm. A look back into old wounds if you will. My demons are winning It's getting harder to fight I try and I fail But out goes the light The darkness is consuming... Continue Reading →

Clouds break over mountain tops Leaving room for me to breathe The electricity of loneliness trickles across my skin Stinging feet from rock and water soothed by dirt and green A wanderer in true form

Smells of lavender and sage A partial bloom A busted frame Not quite the picture you’d envisioned She feels like home, but somethings different Projecting love and light and warmth She’s cedar smoke and thunderstorms

Wednesday morning: Past lives

Have we met before? Can you remember any of it? Were we friends or lovers? Practice divination. Piece your lives together. We have lived so many lessons. Depending on your own person beliefs this will either resonate with you or sound like absolute bullshit. To each their own - carry on if you wish! Do... Continue Reading →

Do you ever choke on the plastic?

You bring it on yourselves. Carefully curating your image while competing against your peers. Allowing these platforms to be more than what they were intended for. Allowing them to dictate your emotions. Putting yourself on a pedestal for the world to see. Edit out the ugly and the unmentionable. The desire to feel good to... Continue Reading →

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